2017 Review

Leave a comment guys! Although I will be doing some different work next year as Assistant Principal I hope I can continue to make the end of year review videos.

P.S 2017 has been a great year, this will be my final post on the DigiTech blog, I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have!

Year 6: Rigging

The Khan Academy course work continues, as does our blended learning (being taught through a mixture of real life content and video content). This week we learn about Rigging, the process that gives characters movement and makes them appear more realistic. Enjoy…

New uniform!

Exciting news! We have been working with PSW to update and improve our uniform. The sports polo has been given a fresh new design and the school hat is now purple and created in a lighter, more breathable fabric. A special sports top in a fabulous sublimated design has been introduced for our Year Six children and a black beanie with embroidered logo will be introduced in time for the winter months.

This new items will be phased in throughout 2018, so there is no urgency for families to rush out and make these purchases immediately.

Monash Uni visits

We were very lucky last term to have staff and Pre Service Teachers from Monash University come and observe some classes at CCPS. These student teachers came to witness the different ways we utilise technology in our classes. The feedback we received from the staff and students who attended was outstanding, they were genuinely impressed with the engaging learning that was taking place. We thank Dr Latheef for helping organise this experience and look forward to many more opportunities to share with Monash University.

Year 3: Sway

We will begin to use Microsoft Sway this week! Sway is a fun, interactive, intuitive presentation tool that I just know you will love.

To explore more of the Digital Technologies curriculum we will spend the next 3 lessons building a Sway on our school with a partner. In week 3 another pair will review your work and provide feedback, which falls in line with Creating Digital Solutions and testing the adequacy of student-developed solutions, for example asking a classmate to review a digital solution and provide feedback.

Workflow for the next 3 weeks:

Week 1 – Plan your ideas / Begin your Sway
Week 2 – Continue developing your Sway
Week 3 – Finish / Swap with another pair / Give feedback about their Digital Solution by posting a comment below!

Year 4/5: Flipaclip Review

Learning intention: I can plan, create and communicate ideas, information and online collaborative projects, applying agreed protocols.

Goal: Work with one partner to make a review of the FlipaClip app using iPads and laptops. Your review is to be created using Office365 and include the following sections:

How the app works
A rating
Pros and cons
Screen shots.

Options include Sway, PowerPoint or Word

Year 4/5: Dash & Dot

Children will be creating short algorithms in the ‘Blockly’ app to complete some short missions using our robot friends Dash & Dot

Mission 1. Drive around a chair that is approx. 1 metre away from you
Mission 2. Place two chairs 1 metre apart and have Dash drive to the chair on the left, then to the chair on the right
Mission 3. Have Dash drive around a table and then say “Cranbourne Carlisle in the house!”
Mission 4. Set up 4 chairs and have Dash drive to all four chairs and dance at the end

In between your missions please trial the ‘FlipaClip’ app we have recently installed

Year 2: Blockly

As we continue to explore visual programming through Code.org the Year 2 children are using ‘Blockly’ coding where they drag and drop options. These options create an algorithm the program follows. This week we used Minecraft, which had everyone’s attention!