Through research conducted in 2014 we found that Instagram was the most popular app used by Cranbourne Carlisle children. The app has a minimum age restriction of 13 which is ignored by children all over the world and can open them up to potential online risks. As a result we are choosing to run a school based account to help educate senior children on the smart, safe and responsible use of the app to prepare them for the step into high school where they will undoubtedly be exposed to the app.

What we use the app for?
The CCPS Instagram account doubles as a fast and modern form of PR to keep our parent community linked and up to date with school life as well as a source for ex children who have moved onto high school to stay involved with our school. By serving these two purposes children in Year 5 and 6 are able to learn about posting appropriate images online, privacy settings, hashtag categories and knowing the person behind the account.

Helpful resources for parents
Tips for parents
Cybersmart Instagram guide
Connect Safely Instagram guide
Instagram terms of use

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